2011, 19-20 February,Representing Arame Art Gallery in United States


Representing Arame Art Gallery in the United States

Hidden Passage

Arame Art Gallery is pleased to display magical paintings by

Carlos Sayadian

6:00pm-11:00pm Saturday, February 19

12:00pm-5:00pm Sunday, February 20

Exhibition will also include paintings by renowned modern artists

                           Ruben Abovian,Sarkis Hamalbashian,Gagik Ghazanchian,Tigran Matulian,Shota Voskanian,

                                         Marat Margarian,Kayts Vanikian,Avetik Chitchian and Gaspar Melkonian.

                       The exhibition will take place in a private house, please contact for the addres and directions.

                                            Hovik Abrahamyan (818)433-5400


                      Glendale, California

                                            Artists and Gallery details can be explored at www.aramegallery.com