1958  Born in Yerevan, Armenia 

1980  Graduated from Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute named after Kh.

Abovian (Fine Arts department)

1992  Member of the Artists' Union of Armenia

Since 1980 a constant participant of Republican and International group exhibitions and Art Fairs

2013   Arame Art Gallery published a catalogue devoted to his art.




1992   Exhibition of Armenian Modern Art Israel, Jerusalem
1993   Armenian Modern Art Stockholm, Sweden
1994   Group Exhibition Beirut, Lebanon
1994  “Drouot” Auction Exhibition Paris, France
1995  “Emagos” Art Gallery Beirut, Lebanon
1996  “Alex Manoogian” Art Gallery Detroit, USA
1996  “Amberd” Gallery Beirut, Lebanon
1997   Post-Soviet Armenian Art Uruguay
1997   Igitian Modern Art Gallery Las Vegas, USA
1998   Group Exhibition Brazil
1998   Center of Borges Argentina
1999   Lineart Gent, Belgium
1999   International Art Exhibition Salzburg, Austria
1999   Third International Kunstmesse Innsbruck, Austria
2000   Duncan Campbell Gallery London, England
2001   Art Vienna Vienna, Austria
2007   Orangerie du Luxembourg Musee d`Art Moderne d'Armenie       Paris, France 
2010   Art Center of Haigazian University Beirut, Lebanon
2010   New Masterpieces of Arame Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2011   UNESCO Palace with Arame Gallery Beirut, Lebanon
2012   Grand Opening of a new Art Centre of Arame Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2012  "Symphony of Colors" Beirut, Lebanon
2013   Ten Year Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2013   Contemporary Art Istanbul, Turkey
2013  "Sensual Revelations" Beirut, Lebanon
2014   Contemporary Art Istanbul, Turkey
2014   ''Beauty in the Palm'' Beirut, Lebanon


Personal Exhibitions


1996   Armenian Society for Cultural Relations                                      Yerevan, Armenia
1999  “Vinizki” Gallery Munich, Germany
2000  “Vinizki” Gallery Munich, Germany
2001  “Europe” Gallery Palo Alto, California,  USA  
2001  “Vinizki” Gallery Munich, Germany
2002  “Europe” Gallery Palo Alto, California,  USA  
2003  “Vinizki” Gallery Munich, Germany


The works are displayed at Modern Art Museum of Armenia, Arame Art Gallery (Yerevan, Armenia), Vinizki Gallery (Munich, Germany), "Europe" Gallery (Palo Alto, California, USA) and in private collections in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, France, Turkey.  Since 2004 Armen Gevorgian's paintings are permanently exposed at Arame Art Gallery (Yerevan, Armenia).