1907    Born in Aleppo, Syria
1919   Moved to Cairo, Egypt
1924   Finished Kalousdian Armenian School in Cairo, obtained an American  scholarship to go and study in Paris
1929    Graduated from the School of Architecture in Paris. As an autodidact, attended the    Montparnasse Art Academy (La Grande Chaumière) in  Paris,  France
1930   First exhibition at the Independent Salon,   Paris, France
Since 1930   Takes part in the exhibitions of the Union of Armenian Artists "Ani",  Paris, France
1939   First personal exhibition at Galerie Contemporaine, Paris, France
Since 1939   Had more than a hundred personal exhibitions in France and abroad 
Since 1941   Takes part in the exhibitions of the Autumn Salon, Paris, France
1952   Created costumes and sceneries for the opera-ballet "The Gallant Indians"  for Opèra de    Paris, France 
1953   An exhibition of his Venetian landscapes was open in the gallery David and  Garnier, Paris,  France
1953   Created the settings and costumes of "The Wolf" ballet for Paris Opera  Ballet Roland Petit,  which was produced again by La Scala de Milan (1963)
1954   Created stage-sets and costumes of "Giselle" ballet for Opèra de Paris, France
1955   Created costumes and sceneries of "Athalie" for la Comèdie-Française in   Paris, France 
1957   Created his famous antiwar series "The Apocalypse" in Paris, France
1958   Illustrated the book "France" by A. Morua
1959   The creation of his "Earthly Paradise" series
1959   Personal exhibition in New York, USA
1964   Illustrated E. Hemingway's novel "A Farewell to Arms"
1965   Illustrated "Notebooks" by A. Camus
Till 1966   Had about 50 personal exhibitions in Cairo, Alexandria, Beirut (1950), Geneva (1951),  Brussels (1953), London (1954), Frankfurt (1966), many times in Paris and in other big    centers of France     
1966   First personal exhibition in Yerevan, Armenia
1969   Illustrated E. Poe's "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"
1976   Carzou became the first living artist to have his work "Distant Princess" appear on a French  postage stamp
1977   Was elected a member of the French Academy of Fine Arts
1983   Personal exhibition in Yerevan, Armenia
1991   The Church of Manosque (Provence, France) in which he had decorated the chapel became  Carzou Foundation
1994   Creation of "To Versailles" series
2000   Died in Périgueux, France
2007   Personal exhibition devoted to the 100th anniversary of his birth was held in the National  Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
2013   French – Armenian Art at Arame Art Gallery,  Yerevan, Armenia
2014   A Unique Art Show Featuring the Works of French-Armenian Artist Jean Carzou at Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia



Titles and Awards



1930   In an exhibition of French painters Carzou's painting "Old Gardens of Alcazar" wins the first  prize
1949   Was awarded the Hallmark prize for his painting "The Shepherd  and the Mage"
1951   Was awarded the Hallmark prize
1954   Won the Grand Prize of Ile de France for his "Derelict castle at Bougival"
1955   Was awarded the Hallmark prize
1955   Won the Grand Prize in the International Biennale in Tokyo, Japan
1956   Knight of the French Legion of Honor
1958   Was awarded the Grand Prize "Europe" at the Biennale in Bruges, Belgium
1958   Commander of France's Order of Arts and Letters
1977   Commander of France's National Order of Merit
1980   Was awarded the prize of Martiros Sarian in Yerevan, Armenia