1961 Born in Yerevan, Armenia

1978-1982 Studied at the Panos Terlemezian Arts College

1984-1990 Studied at the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts

2001 Member of  Artists' Union of Armenia

2007  A book about his art – "The Art of Daron Mouradian" was published in Netherlands.

Group Exhibitions


1987  Artists' Union of Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
1993  Independent Art Exhibition “Grand Palace” Paris, France
1998  Armenian Colors Schleicher, Germany
2001  Modern Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia
2003  “Romantic Realism” at  Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2004  “Still-life” at Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2007  “Dreamscape Exhibition” The Netherlands
2010 New Masterpieces of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2011   Contemporary Art  Istanbul, Turkey
2012   Grand Opening of a New Art Center of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2012  Contemporary Art Istanbul, Turkey
2013  10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery  Yerevan, Armenia
2013   Contemporary Art Istanbul, Turkey
2014   Contemporary Art Istanbul, Turkey
2014  ''Beauty in the Palm'' Beirut, Lebanon



Personal Exhibitions


1993 Galerie Mouvances                                              Paris, France
1996 Galerie Mouvances Paris, France
2000 Galerie Mouvances Paris, France
2001 Modern Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia
2002 Galerie Mouvances Paris, France
2003 International Artexpo New York, USA
2004 Galerie Mouvances Paris, France
2005 Galerie Mouvances Paris, France
2006 Gallery Bel Air Fine Art  Geneva, Switzerland
2007 Venus and the Female Intuition Denmark, The Netherlands, France