Born in 1960, YerevanArmenia

1975 – 1979 Terlemezian Fine Arts College, Yerevan, Armenia
1984 – 1990 Fine Arts and Drama Institute, Yerevan, Armenia
1992 Member of Artists’ Union, Yerevan , Armenia

Group exhibitions

1989 Armenian Cultural Center Moscow, Russia
1991 “Arts et Lettres De France” Gallery         Paris, France
1991 Grande Exposition D’Art Nice, France
1991 Kreishaus Gallery                               Hofheim, Germany
1992 Cultural Foundation                                 Abu-Dhabi, UAE
1993 Armenian Artists in Italy Spoleto,Ancona, Italy
1993 Stadel Museum Stade, Germany
1993 Bilderweit                                                   Berlin, Germany
1993 UNESCO                                                 Paris, France
1994 Ex -Voto Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
1995 Kreishaus Gallery Bergheim, Germany
1996 Christian Zais Hall Wiesbaden,Germany
1997 Cultural Foundation Abu-Dhabi ,UAE
1997 HS Art Gallery Tenniken,Switzerland
1998 Seepark Thun Gallery                                              Sissach, Switzerland
1998 Kulturhaus Synagogue Schluchtern,Germany
1999 Martin Gallery Sissach, Switzerland
2000 Claudine Hohl Gallery Zurich,Switzerland
2001 Beyond Icons, National Gallery                    Yerevan ,Armenia
2001 Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Iran
2001 Chapelle Saint Sulpice d’Istres France
2002 Creative Partners Gallery                               Washington, USA
2002 Pasino Casino d’Aix Gallery France
2004 Gevorgian Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2004 “ Art Caucasus” International Art Expo Tbilisi, Georgia
2005 “ Art Caucasus” International Art Expo Tbilisi, Georgia
2006 National Culture Center of Kuwait, Abdullah Al-Salem Hall Kuwait
2006 ‘Meeting’, the group exhibition of German, Georgian and Armenian artists, National Gallery  Yerevan, Armenia
2007 “Colors of Armenia”, C.Gulbenkian Center  Aleppo, Syria
2007 “Colors of Armenia”, AGBU  Damascus ,Syria
2007 ”9 contemporary Artists from  Armenia”, AGBU Pasadena, CA,USA
2007 “L’art contemporain d’Armenie”, Orangerie du Luxembourg France
2007 “Armenian Landscapes in Contemporary Art” Zurich, Switzerland
2007 “Colors of Armenia”, Castel Saint’Angelo Rome, Italy
2008 “Generation Freedom’’, Inter Art Gallery New York , USA
2010 Castel dell’Ovo Naples, Italy
2010 New Masterpieces of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2011 UNESCO Palace, Arame Art Gallery Beirut, Lebanon
2011 Abrahamian Art Center Yerevan, Armenia
2011 Contemporary Art “Armenia”, San Nicola da Tolentino Rome, Italy
2011 “Palette of Independence”, National Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2012 Grand Opening of a New Art Center of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2012 Art Monaco 2012 Fine Art Gallery Monaco
2012  “Artisti Armeni a Scafati” Scafati, Italy
2012 Exhibition dedicated to 40th anniversary of the founding of Modern Art Museum of Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
2012 Pop-up Art Gallery Zurich, Switzerland
2013 10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2013 AGBU Contemporary Armenian Art Pasadena, USA
2013 Representing Arame Art Gallery in Las Vegas USA
2014 Beauty in the Palm” Beirut, Lebanon


Personal Exhibitions 

2000                  Artists’ Museum                                                                                                             Washington DC,USA
2005 Fairmont Hotel San Francisco, USA
2005 Martin Gallery Sissach,Switzerland
2009 Martin Gallery Sissach,Switzerland
2010 Modern Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia
2011 Pop-up Art Gallery Zurich, Switzerland
2012 Exhibition hall of Hamazkayin Society Beirut, Lebanon
2014 ”Other Images from the City”, National Center of Aesthetics Yerevan, Armenia




Modern Art Museum, Yerevan, Armenia
Myriad of private collections throughout the World
Khrimyan Museum Echmiadzin, Armenia

National Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia