An attempt to create


A wish to say something or nothing,

To deceive myself or someone else

To dream  my life away only by myself.

An unusual dream

A charming, vague thought

A line, a touch of transparent color

And only only the slender durable, invisible thread of desire originates.


The white color of paper

A thin line

And shape again searching of ideas

Castles in the air

Attempts to catch creative urge

And all of these are nothing but that

Each is a slave to human shape.


Times, thought are all instant

The subjectivity of the verge

The realizing of the impossibility

Acceptance and perception of the world around

It could be an attempt to affect it

By means of escaping from it.



Everyone has its own colors


As if they are only for life

They flesh on and die out

Coloring feelings in the mind.


Play on words and colors

Of everyone with his makings

But if someone felt so

Thus the colors are not only mine.




 Lilit Soghomonian