This is the Art that speaks for itself. The canvases are pictured from Life and Reality and reflect the artist’s perception and feelings. It depends on the viewer how he attains the feeling and the understanding of the subject of the canvas. Marat Margarian pictures the world the way he perceives without imposing his views on the viewers. Marat’s art belongs to him, to his inner world. In his search for new means of expressions he retrieves them within his predecessors, then inspiring fresh emotions and attaining new qualities. Choice of colors, selective to the artist, produces his unique works. Though the subjects of his works are common, it’s implications are deep and eloquent. In “Smile”, “Peaceful Coexistence”, “Apple of Discord” we observe movement and emotional lights and shades.

   Marat’s paintings reflect connection between Life and World. 

Gayane Igitian
Art critic

       The fantastic world of Marat Margarian is a result of Armenian colors, nature and culture.  Most likely, this is an unusually poetic and wildly fantastic realism, bursting actively into colorful canvases. Every artwork is the result of long painting process, every canvas is born during the creative search, every painting is full of his inner world. Each of Marat’s paintings brings different moods, colors and emotions.  In his paintings the beauty in nature is a constant inspiration – from summer sunsets on lakesides to the wind blowing against the fields. Each scene focuses on the magnificence of nature through splatters of paint that serve to both provide an artistic viewpoint and heighten the energy of each landscape. Marat Margarian visually translates the way light dances through the lush leaves and illuminates its radiant array of hues in a beautifully eye-catching way. Trees in his paintings are given a lively spirit through the painter’s splashes of color. Trees and flowers are one of nature’s most spectacular gifts. Marat tries to capture the inherently alluring beauty of flowers through his works. Blossoming flowers, trees, romantic atmospheres and fields full of colors are the painter’s main themes.

  In Marat Margarian’s paintings visual language replaces the magic of words. They are about life and the joy that arts and nature can bring to all of us.

      The elegance of the rich colours playing together on his Yerevan streets artworks gives us the opportunity to spend some time in beautiful capital of Armenia, learn the beauty of modern and historic buildings. His paintings seem to slow down time, letting us enjoy the precious details of the sunny city. 

      Marat’s inspiration comes from love of the beauty, a passion for truth, and the desire to create images that both communicate and bring joy to others…


Tatev Manvelian

Art critic