Ruben Abovian has long been recognized as a painter of extraordinary ability by many world famous art critics and artists. His imagination is free and he produces an outstanding work that made him a distinguished artist. Abovian's exhibitions are always considered to be an important event. He is a true pioneer and has introduced many bold innovations to European painting. Ruben Abovian has established a new direction in today's contemporary art. I have been impressed by the impact and the mystery of his personages and characters with no faces and eyes. It is majestic and bewitching! 




     Duality of image and interpretation: The adults are eternal kids trying to act as adults… The pleasure is great for having discovered a new way of painting. At last the future of painting has new roots.


P.A.A. Bauer
Art Critic 


      Ruben Abovian is one of those artists who has started at the top and stayed on the same level in each and every painting-a miracle born by inferable feelings of a real artist, by primordial consistence built in his mind. Ruben Abovian's artworks, their plot and nuance assortments are filled with distinctive spiritual expression. In his paintings, the entire pattern of narration interflows into one soulful accord, without gaining the grotesque exacerbation. It is compressed into a segment of minute, day, eternity where everything awaits us in the future has already happened in the past… 

     Great talent. A painting with psychological tendency. Full of daring boldness and audacity which unveils to us a deeper sensitivity. But together with this, there is a humor that extends up to a sort of roguery and rascality. The more our eyes linger on these canvases, the more we are captured by their spell. The paintings seem to be animated. They tempt you. Seduce you. Some sort of particular magic comes out from the personages in the paintings. They call you. Question you. Our sensibility, our emotions are imprisoned by an impact of suspense. Our admiration has no limits. Only the great masters had this gift to display such masterpieces. We discovered in these works a strong personality and genuine talent.

Victoria Terzian
Art Critic 


This is a rare authenticity. The paintings are full of fantasy and imagination. They are impregnated with sensible poetry and imbued with grace and variety.


Angelino Francesconi
Art Critic