1960  Born in Yerevan, Armenia

1974-1980 Studied at Art Studio, Yerevan, Armenia

1982-1984  Studied  at Art College, department of Graphic, Riga, Latvia

Since 2014 Tigran Matulian holds the title of Honorable Artist of Republic of Armenia



Personal Exhibitions



1995 Chamber Theater Exhibition Hall Yerevan, Armenia
1996 Hamazgain Center Yerevan, Armenia
1997 Hamazgain Center Yerevan, Armenia
2000 Noah's Arch Art Gallery Beirut, Lebanon
2011 Modern Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia


Group Exhibitions



1997 Armenian Artists at the Threshold of the XXl Century Yerevan,  Armenia
1998 Devoted to the 1700th Anniversary of Christianity in Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
1999 National Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2000 Decade of Armenian Art Beirut, Lebanon
2006 France in Armenian Artists' Eye-view Yerevan, Armenia
2007 Orangerie du Luxembourg Musée d`art moderne d`Armenie Paris, France
2007 The 16th Lantern of the East International Art Festival Yerevan, Armenia
2007 I colori dell`Armenia Rome, Italy
2009 Artists' Union of Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
2010 Art Center of Haigazian University Beirut, Lebanon
2010 New Masterpieces of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2011 UNESCO Palace Beirut, Lebanon
2011 Contemporary Art  Istanbul, Turkey
2012 Grand Opening of a New Art Center of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2012 "Symphony of Colors" Beirut, Lebanon
2013 10th Anniversary of Arame Art Gallery Yerevan, Armenia
2013 Selected Art Works  Beirut, Lebanon 
2013 AGBU Contemporary Armenian Art  Pasadena, USA
2013 "Sensual Revelations" Beirut, Lebanon
2013 Representing Arame Art Gallery in Las Vegas  USA
2014 Selected Art Works 2014 Vienna, Austria
2014 "Beauty in the Palm'' Beirut, Lebanon 




Tigran Matulian's works are part of the collection and permanent exhibition of Modern Art Museum of Armenia, Arame Art Gallery, Fine Art Galleries of Shoushi and Kashatagh, National Gallery of Armenia, Khrimian Museum of the Holy See Echmiadzin, History Museum of Yerevan.