Mystery of Colors…



        While looking at Vahagn Igitian's artworks the first thing that you feel is the positive inner world that the painter tries to fill the canvases with.  In his paintings he puts stress mainly on bright colors. With delicate taste he makes the combinations of blue and yellow, green and red. His figures' eyes are mostly closed, but so many things can be seen…an endless emotionality is hidden in these closed lonesome eyes as in “Shepherdess” 2012, “Flower Market” 2012, “St. George” 2012. In the artworks that from the first sight seem to be simple there is mystery. Despite some kind of rudeness and clear lines of figures there is lyricism in his paintings.

      His landscapes are filled with warm colors peculiar to Sarian. The landscape "Shorja" (2011) is a unique one, painted with a palette full of warm colors which are masterly contrasted by the painter. Vahagn's artworks are distinguished by mild and specific combinations of his creative ideas which emit tranquility and positive aura.


Tatev Manvelian

Art critic